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Sunday 28 October 2012

Metal Pressing - The Detail

A brief description of metal stamping from wikipedia, There are a variety of forms of metal pressing, Springfield Pressings offer a wide range of metal pressing services.

Friday 19 October 2012

News on sheet metal forming

Linear actuators from Schaeffler have been utilised by a company to ensure that precision sheet metal parts are handled and positioned accurately. This is a very interesting read and if you are interested in linear actuators, sheet metal parts or sheet metal forming then it should be worth taking a look at. Check it out -

Thursday 11 October 2012

Metal Pressing Machinery - The Importance of Checking them Regularly

Recently in the news, a metal pressing company were fined £18 000 after an employee was nearly killed by a faulty machine. A Health and Safety Executive  found that the machine, built by the company 25 years ago, had no way of being cut off from its power supply (which is extremely dangerous). The employee was working on the faulty machine, thinking it wasn't working, so he leaned in to remove a faulty component. After doing so he inadvertently closed a circuit and the press operated. The employee was lucky to survive.

At Springfield Pressings, health and safety is paramount and we ensure that any necessary safety precautions are taken seriously. Our metal pressing machinery and other machinery are regularly checked, so that incidents like this are avoided. Visit our website for more details on our metal pressings.

To read more of the interesting article in the news click on the following link -